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July 3, 2010 / ukrainevisit

Southern Bug river.

Southern Bug— the river in the southwest of Ukraine in length of 806 km. Pool of 63 700 km ². The unique large river of Ukraine completely proceeding in its territory.

Origin of the  name.

V.V. Lobovo in the dictionary writes that the river was known at ancient Greeks under names of Gipanis, Ipanis, in annals — Bog, Boug. Exact value isn’t known. Polish linguist Tadeush Ler-Splavinsky the name deduces from balto-slavic Bog (“current”) or bougb (I “deviate, am bent”). The French hydrographer of Elize Reklju god connects it with word. Yan Rozvadovsky and Max Fasmer deduce hydronim from old German Bach (“stream”).

Hydrography and pool.

Southern Bug originates in Podolia, to the east from Volochiska and 90 km to the west of Khmelnitskiy of bogs on the Podolsk height, therefrom flow on the east through Vinnitsa near to which changes direction on southeast and the estuary Dnepro-Bugsky, near to excavation of the ancient city of Olvija and to Black sea runs further into Bugsky estuary and then forming together with Dnepr. In upper course flows on boggy district in low coast; on the average current — in deep valley; there are thresholds (especially on site from Pervomaisk to village of Aleksandrovka — Migejsky thresholds, Bogdanovsky thresholds, etc.). Further the river leaves on Prichernomorsky lowland.

Food mixed, with prevalence of the snow. High water from the end of February prior to the beginning of May, pickled from June till February. The average expense of water in 132 km from mouth in with. Aleksandrovka of 89,3 m ³/sek, the greatest — 5.320 m ³/sek, the least — 2,6 m of ³/second Freezes almost regularly in November — February; it is opened to the middle of March. Mineralization of water to 0,9 г/л.

The main inflows: Flat, the Wolf, Thorny, Ikva, Sluch, Homora (Khmelnitskiy area); the Ditch, Sob, Dohna, Savranka, Desna (Vinnitsa area); the cores left — Sinjuha, Mertvovod, the Titmouse in the Kirovograd area, Ingul in the city of Nikolaev, right — Zgar, Kodyma, Rotten Elanets.

Settlements on Southern Bug: Khmelnitskiy, Hmelnik, Vinnitsa, Gnivan, Ladyzhin, Savran, Gajvoron, Pervomaisk, Juzhnoukrainsk, Voznesensk, New Odessa, Nikolayev (50 km from mouth).

Southern Bug river Sights:

On the river tourism on kayaks and fishing is popular. On coast history and culture monuments, including church of 1561 in settlement Letichev, ruins of the Cherlenkovsky lock of XVI century of village nearby Selishche, monastery of Dominicans of 1752, palace of the Jaroshinsky XVIII-th century in settlement Tyvrov, water three-storeyed mill (material also settle down: stone and red brick), dated 1864

The part of valley of Southern Bug and its inflows is included into regional landscape park «Granitno-steppe Pobuzhe»


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