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July 3, 2010 / ukrainevisit

Saint Nikolai City (Part three).

Names of many outstanding people that has found the display in Nikolaev monuments, names of Nikolayev streets, the areas and squares are connected with Nikolaev. Here served and A.S.Grejg and M.P.Lazarev’s admirals, the pioneer of Antarctica F.F.Bellinsgauzen and the founder of tactics of armoured fleet admiral G.I.Butakov, heroes of defence of Sevastopol of times of the Crimean war admirals P.S.Nahimov and V.A.Kornilov, composers of “the Atlas of Black sea” brothers E.P.Manganari and the author of the 4-volume edition “the Legend on Russian earth” major general A.D.Nechvolodov, the corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of sciences, the first director of the Nikolaev observatory first in the south of Ukraine K.H.Knorre worked.

In Nikolaev V.I.Dal, being on military service, has started creation of “the Explanatory dictionary of live great Russian language”. Here, in Nikolaev, has finished the capital scientific work the founder Russian epidemiology, a member of 12 West European academies and D.S.Samojlovich’s scientific organisations (Sushchinsky), and professor M.G.Livanov has created in Bogojavlenske (nowadays the Ship city district) in 1790 the school of practical agriculture first in the country. Nikolayev has given the first experience of political strike to L.D.Trotsk (Bronstein). In a city there was admiral F.F.Ushakov, P.I.Sumarokov, A.S.Pushkin, A.M.Gorky, V.V.Mayakovsky, N.A.Rimskij-Korsakov, as M.S.ShChepkin, natives of Nikolaevshchiny – coryphaeuses of the Ukrainian theatre of N.K.Sadovsky, P.K.Saksagansky, M.L.Kropivnitsky here acted.

The first book on stories of the Ukrainian people on a native language – “History of Ukraine-Russia” – also has been written in Nikolaev. Its author – N.N.Arkas. The National artist of the USSR the Divine M. of M. Comes from Nikolaev The outstanding astronomer, academician F.A.Bredihin, the researcher of Arctic regions G.L.Brusilov, the known scientist in the field of a railway transportation the academician V.N.Obraztsov, the talented naval commander, the polar researcher and inventor S.O.Makarov.


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