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July 3, 2010 / ukrainevisit

Saint Nikolai City (Part one).

The territory of a modern city of Nikolayev is located on coast of Bugsky estuary at merge to the river Ingul. Uniqueness of its geographical site where the sun-scorched steppe meets blue shaft of Black sea, tart smells mother-of-thyme and a wormwood mix up with a salty fish wind of sea open spaces, has been noted by people during ancient times. The earliest archaeological monument which is found on a Nikolaev territory, is dated a neolith epoch (V – ІV thousand BC). The Nikolaev earth remembers Scythians, ancient Greeks, slavic tribes, free Zaporozhye Cossacks…

But intensive settling of the Nikolaev peninsula has begun in last quarter ХV ІІІ centuries already after clearing of Northern Black Sea Coast of Turkish conquerors and an exit of the Russian state to Black sea. The fleet was necessary to Russia. And under the decree of prince G.A.Potyomkin in a river Ingul mouth under a direct management of the colonel of M.L.Faleev in 1788 the new shipyard has been put.

Round shipyard the small town has started to grow. The name it has received a year later, after victorious storm of Ochakov by the Russian armies under A.V.Suvorova’s command. Ochakov was is taken in December, 1788, in day of Sacred Nikolay, the defender of seamen. In its honour also named a new city. With Sacred Nikolay’s name, one of the most esteemed sacred in Ukraine and in Russia, связанны and the first church constructed in a city in 1790, and the first ship. The 46-gun frigate “Sacred Nikolay” has been floated in August of the same year, and in July, 1791 near cape Kaliakrija it has received the first baptism of fire. Since construction of “Sacred Nikolay” at ship-building factories of a city, and them today three, it is constructed more than 2 thousand ships and courts, among which frigates, battleships, torpedo boats, submarines, etc. Nikolaev – one of two cities in the world where the heavy aviabearing ships were under construction.


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