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July 3, 2010 / ukrainevisit

Ingul — the river running into Bugsky estuary of Black sea.

Nominally it is considered the left inflow of Southern Bug, running into last on distance of 0 km from mouth. The area of pool of 9 890 Length of the river of 354 km. The river source is at height more than 170 metres above sea level near with. Brovkovo (Aleksandrovsky area of the Kirovograd area). The river flows in southern direction on the Pridneprovsky height. In the bottom part proceeds on Prichernomorsky lowland. In mouth — Nikolaev. River falling makes more than 170 m, river bias — In upper courses the narrow, twisting channel has 0,4 m./km. On site between villages Kostychi and Vinogradovka — plavnis. On the average current the channel extends to 30 m, in bottom in places to 80 and more. Depth mainly 0,7 — 1,2 m, in lower reaches — to 1,5. Speed of current to 0,5 km/s (1,8 km/h). Freezes in first half of December, it is opened to the end of February — first half of March. Freezing-up the unstable. Food snow, rain. River valley almost on all extent trapezoid, width to 4 km, depth to 60 m. of Coast rocky, with exits of granite and gneisses. The average expense of water near with.

Settlements (downstream): Rodnikovka, Ositnjazhka, Kirovograd, Kalinovka, Tarasovka, Ingulo-Kamenka, Verhneingulsky, Sednevka, Aleksandrovka, Anna-Trebinovka, Ingulsky, Sofievka, Free, Sand, Ingulka, Peresadovka, Mihajlo-Larino, Kalinovka, Voskresensky, Ternovka, Meshkovo-Pogorelovo, Nikolayev.

Inflows: Sugokleiea, Adzhamka, Sewing, Kamenka, Suhokleja , Beryozovka, Stolbovaja, Sagajdak, Gromokleja.


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