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July 3, 2010 / ukrainevisit

Dnepro-Bugsky estuary in Ukraine.

Dnepro-Bugsky estuary — open fresh-water estuary in northern part of Black sea, in territory of the Kherson and Nikolaev areas of Ukraine. Port — Ochakov.

Consists from extended in sublatitudinal direction of Dneprovsky estuary (length of 55 km, width to 17 km), and also narrow (width from 5 to 11 km) and the twisting Bugsky estuary extended in submeridialnom direction in length of 47 km. Prevailing depth of 6-7 m, maximum — 12 m (so-called. The Stanislavsky hole).

The Dnepro-Bugsky estuary was formed as a result of transgression of Black sea in the bottom current of Dnepr and Southern Bug. The estuary incorporates to Black sea passage the in width of 3,6 km (between Ochakovsky cape and the Kinburnsky plait). Southern coast low, sandy; northern, basically, high (till 20-35), are combined from argillo-arenaceous breeds, only on separate sites here meet peschano-rakushechnikovye plaits. The bottom near plaits sandy, on depth is covered suglinisto-sandy silt.

About 25-30 % of river drain of Dnepr and Southern Bug it is spent for irrigation and industrial water supply that causes increase in salinity of water in estuary. Thereof conditions of dwelling and spawning of separate kinds of industrial fishes, and also expansions of sea kinds phyto- and zooplankton and fishes (in particular — sprat) have worsened.

The Dneprovsko-Bugsky estuary has transport and fishing value; its coast — recreation area of Ukraine.

Additional descents of water are made for preservation of the nature of estuary from the Kahovsky water basin, strengthening and gardening of coast, clarification of sewage and transfer of the industrial enterprises into return water supply. The part of water area of Dneprovsko-Bugsky estuary is located within the Black Sea biospheric reserve.


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